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News published in The Start – 13th Aug

“Malaysia to host World Youth Go Championship”


“PETALING JAYA: From Thursday, the Malaysian public can witness a showcase of the world’s oldest strategy board game when it hosts the 31st World Youth Go Championship from Aug 13-19, thanks to the Malaysia Weiqi Association.

“We are very excited to organise this prestigious event at the Mines Resort and Golf Club. Many top professional players today are past winners,” project director Ho Hock Doong toldĀ The Star.

The championship will see 24 participants from 14 countries and territories – namely Germany, Russia, Ukraine, the United States, China, Korea, Japan, Taipei, Thailand, Spain, Singapore, Romania, Canada and Malaysia – competing in the Under-12 and Under-16 categories.

Admission to the international event, which is sponsored by the Ing Chang-Ki Wei-Ch’i Educational Foundation, is free of charge.

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