Tournament Venue

The 2014 World Youth Goe Championship will be held at Club House of The Mines Resort and Golf Club, an exclusive golf club which is one of the top 10 golf courses in Asia and have hosted professional events such as the World Cup of Golf won by Tiger Woods in 1997.

Within such an exclusive venue, the Club House where the Go Torunament will be held was designed by world-renowned architect, David Klages, in collaboration with Veritas Architects, the 90,000 sq feet edifice was completed in 1996.

Its external façade of the Club House exudes unique architectural features through five distinctive pyramidal roofs with an observation tower as its summit. Similarly fascinating is the Clubhouse’s interior design which is rustic, yet complements minute contemporary art together with a semblance of modern technology whilst continuously radiating an atmosphere of warmth and coziness.

The clubhouse in its entirety presents one with an air of grandeur amid breathtaking views of lush greenery set against an iridescent 150-acre lake that perfectly mirrors the surrounding metropolitan skyline.

We are confident that all WYGC Participants will enjoy the great environment and ambience of this venue and will leave unforgettable memories of this tournament in this prestigious venue.