Photos : 31st WYGC Winners

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31st WYGC Video download

31st WYGC video download link:

Note: This video is for Private and Non-Commercial Use only.

Youtube Link: WYGC Video


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Senior Division (U16) Final Rank


Champion: XU Jiayang (China)

1st Runner-up: LEE Eodeokdung (Korea)
2nd Runner-up: ONISHI Ryuhei (Japan)
3rd Runner-up: CHIEN Ching-Ting (Chinese Taipei)

5th: Oliver WOLF (Germany)
6th: Grigorii FIONIN (Rusia)
7th: David LU Ze Hua (Canada)
8th: Albert YEN She-bao (USA)
9th: ZHU Yu Hao (Singapore)
10th: Wichrich KARUEHAWANIT (Thailand)
11th: Valerii KRUSHELNYTSKYI (Ukraine)
12th: LOW Rea Qiu (Malaysia)

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Junior Division (U12) Final Rank


Champion: HUANG Mingyu (China)

1st Runner-up: SHIH Ching Yao (Chinese Taipei)
2nd Runner-up: MOON Minjong (Korea)
3rd Runner-up: CHANG Fu Kang (Malaysia)

5th : YOKOTA Hinano (Japan)
6th : Brandon ZHOU Yicheng (USA)
7th : Denis DOBRANIS (Romania)
8th : Eric LIU Changhao (USA)
9th : Oscar VAZQUEZ (Spain)
10th : Mikhail DOBRITSYN (Rusia)
11th : Brian LEE Jun Siang (Singapore)
12th : CHANG Xin (Malaysia)


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Senior Division (under-16) :-

 XU Jiayang (China) Vs  LEE Eodeokdung (Korea)

U16 China Vs Korea U16 China Vs Korea


3rd/4th: CHIEN Ching-Ting (Chinese Taipei) Vs ONISHI Ryuhei (Japan)  

U16 Chinese Taipei Vs Japan U16 Chinese Taipei Vs Japan



Junior Division (under 12) :-

HUANG Mingyu (China) Vs SHIH Ching Yao (Chinese Taipei)

U12 Chinese Taipei Vs China U12 Chinese Taipei Vs China


3rd/4th: CHANG Fu Kang (Malaysia) Vs MOON Minjong (Korea)

U12 Korea Vs Malaysia U12 Korea Vs Malaysia

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Semi Final

Senior Division (under-16) :-

XU Jiayang (China) Vs CHIEN Ching-Ting (Chinese Taipei)

U16 Semi-final China Vs Chinese Taipei U16 Semi-final China Vs Chinese Taipei

LEE Eodeokdung (Korea) Vs ONISHI Ryuhei (Japan)

U16 - LEE Eodeokdung (Korea) Vs ONISHI Ryuhei (Japan) U16 - LEE Eodeokdung (Korea) Vs ONISHI Ryuhei (Japan)


Junior Division (under 12) :-

HUANG Mingyu (China) Vs CHANG Fu Kang (Malaysia)

U12: HUANG Mingyu (China) Vs CHANG Fu Kang (Malaysia) U12: UANG Mingyu (China) Vs CHANG Fu Kang (Malaysia)

SHIH Ching Yao (Chinese Taipei) Vs MOON Minjong (Korea)

U12: SHIH Ching Yao (Chinese Taipei) Vs MOON Minjong (Korea) U12: SHIH Ching Yao (Chinese Taipei) Vs MOON Minjong (Korea)


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Day 1 Photos

Day 1:

  • Team Leader Meeting
  • Opening Ceremony
  • Round 1

Opening Ceremony:

Tournament : First Round

Time to relax: Dinner at City Center

==> Click the Photo Gallery for more photos

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WYGC news in The Star

News published in The Start – 13th Aug

“Malaysia to host World Youth Go Championship”


“PETALING JAYA: From Thursday, the Malaysian public can witness a showcase of the world’s oldest strategy board game when it hosts the 31st World Youth Go Championship from Aug 13-19, thanks to the Malaysia Weiqi Association.

“We are very excited to organise this prestigious event at the Mines Resort and Golf Club. Many top professional players today are past winners,” project director Ho Hock Doong told The Star.

The championship will see 24 participants from 14 countries and territories – namely Germany, Russia, Ukraine, the United States, China, Korea, Japan, Taipei, Thailand, Spain, Singapore, Romania, Canada and Malaysia – competing in the Under-12 and Under-16 categories.

Admission to the international event, which is sponsored by the Ing Chang-Ki Wei-Ch’i Educational Foundation, is free of charge.

Click here to read full article ….. “

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Arrival / Registration

All WYGC guest, team leaders & participants will arrive today. The organizing committee & MWA members has arranged airport pick-up and transportation to fetch arriving guest to hotel.

A registration counter has been set-up at the hotel lobby for registration and check-in.

More updates coming…



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Press Release – WYGC2014


Kuala Lumpur, 12 July 2014 – The Malaysia Weiqi Association (MWA) has been awarded the opportunity to organize the 31st World Youth Goe Championship, an international event sponsored by the Ing Chang-Ki Wei-Ch’i Educational Foundation.

The Championship will see participants from 14 countries/territories, i.e Germany, Russia, Ukraine, The United States of America, China, Korea, Japan, Chinese Taipei, Thailand, Spain, Singapore, Romania, Canada and Malaysia. 24 players will compete in two categories, one Under 12 and the other Under 16.

The event will be held from the 13th to 19th August 2014 at The Mines Resort and Golf Club while the Opening Ceremony will be held at 10.30a.m. on the 14th August 2014 at the Mines Wellness Hotel (Hang Li Poh Ballroom).

We invite all our media friends to attend the opening ceremony. The event is also open to the public to watch and admission is free of charge.

Goe, or also known as Weiqi (围棋 Chinese) or Baduk (Korean) is the oldest strategy board game in the world. It was invented in China more than 2,500 years ago and is a very popular game in China, Korea, Japan, Chinese Taipei and gaining popularity in Europe and the USA. More than 60 million people in the world now play the game.

Goe was also featured in popular culture, such as in the movie A BEAUTIFUL MIND and TRON: LEGACY as well as in novel such as THE MASTER OF GO by the Nobel Prize winning author Yasunari Kawabata.

For more information please visit

Please contact Mr. Tiong Kee Soon, President of the Malaysia Weiqi Association at +6012  329 2205 should you require further information or clarifications.

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